From Land-locked To Sailboat Liveaboard

We sold our home and closed our business.  Then, we bought a sailboat.
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A New Beginning

In 2019, we left our city life behind and moved aboard a sailboat. We haven’t cut ties with the land yet, but soon.

I meet others just like us. We all find ourselves at different stages of the same process. Some are still contemplating their options while others are way ahead of us, setting sail. Others we know are buying RVs or downsizing to tiny homes…while younger friends are outfitting vans or backpacking in South America.

Sailboat under sail in Galveston Bay
Cloud reflection on water while paddleboarding

Modern Nomads

What unites us all regardless of age or mode of travel is our discovery that there is no best way to live, and it doesn’t even require a house! The important thing is simply to live.

Join us as we discuss topics like how to make money while traveling. How do we downsize? How much stuff can we take? How do we get our mail? Where do we go first?

I don’t know it all, but I’ll share with you what I do. I’d love to hear from you, too, about your journey and where you are in the world.

From One Modern Nomad to another,
Welcome Home
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