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Sometimes living your  best life living means less stuff and no permanent address.  Welcome travelers and all those dreaming of distant shores.  
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“You have exactly one life in which to do everything you will ever do. Act accordingly.”  

-Colin Wright

I'm glad you're here

This is a place for travelers, those too restless to stay in one place, the Modern Nomads.

Here you will meet others like yourself and find a network – YOUR TRIBE!

I’m not a millennial world traveler, but you’re certainly welcome here if you are! I find myself right in the middle of my life, and I’m just getting started…both living my best life and finding adventure!

Until now, I’ve done much of my traveling one vacation week at a time, just like everyone else.

My husband and I were busy, like ants building, building, building our life. But then, we suddenly realized that all the fun trips we were putting off until there was more time might never happen.

We had to make time–now.

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Life Isn't all About One Thing

Whether you are a sailboat live-aboard or traveling the country in your RV or van, we want to provide inspiration for living the travel lifestyle and working remotely.  
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Tiny Space Living

You can do almost anything in a tiny living space that you can do in a typical home, whether you live in a van, RV, boat, or tiny house.  Read about our efforts to downsize, keep only what we need, and cook excellent food in a galley kitchen. 
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Working Remote

Social media pics of a bikini-clad woman lounging on the beach with a laptop make the digital nomad life seem quite glamourous.  The truth, however, is finding profitable remote work is challenging.  Here's help for finding what works for you.
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Sailboat Survival

We bought an older sailboat well within our budget.  What that means is she needs work.  Some projects are big and some are small.  Yet each one moves us closer to having a home that we can take with us anywhere in the world we want to go.
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Travel Destinations

Sometimes we all just want to hop on a plane and go someplace new and get there quickly.  If you are planning a get-away vacation, take a look at these travel destinations and the best things to do and places to eat while you are there.  

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